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Top Diving Locations For Divers

Do you love scuba diving? Here calling for all divers to read this post because there are about three places for you to try experience to dive here. Try to look for some other exciting places for you to diving? Now, let’s go see some list of the best scuba diving locations in Malaysia.

The first place that is quite famous among the scuba divers is Sipadan Island. This place is quite near Semporna, Sabah. If you go here you are lucky because you can see about 3,000 species of fishes and colorful coral. Other than scuba diving you also can go for snorkeling and diving. You also do not need to worry about accommodation on Sipadan Island because there are many resorts and hotels nearby. Many divers also agree that if you want to dive in Sipadan Island the best month for you to dive is from March to May because the seas are calm and sunshine. If you did not make it at that time you also might want to consider go November till early of December. In Malaysia usually around December to late February is the worst time to go because it is a rainy season so make sure you avoid going at that time.

Next, you also might want to go to the east coast area of Penisular Malaysia which is Redang Island. This island is one of the largest islands in the east coast area and this island famous because it has clear crystal water and white sandy beaches. The highlight of diving here is you have a chance to see a variety of species like tuna, barracudas, reef shark, manta rays, and whales. Pretty sure this is the perfect and best scuba diving locations in Malaysia .

Other than that, if you are looking for a perfect place to enjoy your holiday but also want to dive, Tioman Island will be a perfect place for you to go because other than you can go surfing and hike to Asah Waterfall. There also have fishing trip activities and explore monkey beaches. If you are the kind of person that loves to go hiking you might want to try trekking from Tekek to Juara and hike Gunung Kajang. Gunung Kajang is one of the tallest mountains on Tioman Island and you also can spend your whole day at the golf course. One of the reasons you should play golf here because you can enjoy two views from here which is the first one is the Seaview and the second one is Hillview. It will make you calmer when visiting after enjoying the viewing.

Here we come to the end of the post, so what are you waiting for? Put these three places in your bucket list for diving now! You not going to regret to dive here because it is so exciting and these are most places popular among divers. Pack your thing and go now to feel the experience of diving and relax your mind and these places.

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