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Amazing things to make diving more interesting

The first few times you go diving, it’s one of the most amazing things in the world. The fact that you’re able to see the vibrant and colourful corals and aquatic creatures. It’s pretty amazing that we get to that but as most things, we grow tired of things we’ve already seen multiple times and we want to see something new. Malaysia is home to some of the best scuba diving spots. But, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing the same corals and the same fishes over and over again. Now, scuba diving malaysia is great and all but what if you could add a tinge of excitement to your scuba diving experience.

Florida UnderWater Music Festival

Now I know you’re wondering, How do you play an instrument underwater? Well, The Florida underwater music festival is a little scuba test 3 different. They’ll give you a pair of headphones that are waterproof. Once you begin your dive, The music syncs up with the way the band plays and it gives you the feeling as though you’re at an actual music festival. They also hold competitions for the attendees so they can take part in the music festival. Competitions such as air guitar and instrument craft are just some of the things you can do here. If you’re thinking of making your diving life a little more exciting then you should definitely give the Florida Underwater Music festival a try as you’re definitely gonna enjoy it as most people have.

Cage Diving

For the people who are more on the adventurous side. You can try your hand at something called cage diving. What’s cage diving you may ask? Now, cage diving is an extreme diving sport where people get into metal cages that are attached to the bottom of the boat. The boat then drives to a few spots where certain sharks have been spotted. The boat then proceeds to lower the cage with you in it and you get to experience being near sharks around you. You wouldn’t have to worry about attacks from the shark as they can’t really get to you in the metal cage.

Belize’s Hole

Belize is known to be home to a giant sinkhole known as the great blue hole. The sink hole is part of an underwater cavern and is home to a variety of aquatic animals. Such as sharks, jellyfish, stonefish and certain bioluminescence creatures. It has recently seen a spike in tourism activities as the place has gone mainstream in recent years. It’s definitely an interesting experience and interesting to see. One of the main reasons being the dark blue water mixed with the bioluminescent creatures that live there.

So, if you’re ever thinking about spicing your diving life up then you can try some of these places. However, if you’re planning on going diving with a budget then you can try some other places. There are many scuba diving locations in Malaysia that you can try if you’re looking to get back to sea.

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