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23 June

best diving courses in malaysia

Types of Water Activities You Can Do In Malaysia

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who enjoys adventurous water activities, there are many places you could go visit and have fun. This is because Malaysia is a country blessed with many spots like Pulau Tioman, Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Sipadan, and many more islands that will allow you to not only enjoy […]

05 June

Widad secretarial management course

What Is Interactive Multimedia?

Interactive multimedia is a dynamic technology that requires certain contributions from the user to provide a body of information through words, graphics, images or videos. Depending on whether a computer user types a certain text or clicks a certain button, many interactive multimedia applications are programmed to display a specific result and give immediate feedback […]

26 April

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What Is Cyber Security

We are living in the era where everything is technologically obtained. There is no such thing as privacy because everything is easily accessible on the Internet. If you search your name on Google, more often than not you will see a bit of pieces of your information get leaked there. It is because everything is […]

20 April

What is business intelligence? Definition

The business intelligence and ensures marketing  is the process to study business in Widad Universiti College, analyze and represent information related to businesses, products or markets. Business intelligence is therefore a broad concept which can encompass: Tariff watch Competitive intelligence The old technology Market research Monitoring of customers, suppliers, distributors Google search analysis The typical […]

03 April

Choosing acrylic paint – Building construction

Acrylic emulsion, is intended specifically for the production of water-based building paints. This emulsion has a relatively high viscosity, as a result of which thickeners used in the production of other emulsion paints, the formulations of which are given in Ch. This simplifies the production of paints and increases their stability during storage in containers, […]

26 March

Master in psychology: what types can I study?

Psychology is a discipline that allows you to specialize in many fields. The profession of general health psychologist is regulated, so it is necessary to take a master’s degree in general health psychology to be able to practice as a professional. Those who choose the other path, that of clinical psychologist, do not need to […]

14 March

Exceptional Options with the Best condo in Klang

These are just three things to keep in mind when purchasing the best condo in Klang. You can complete with the park, the vegetable and fruit market, a playground, etc. depending on what is important to you now (+ includes the long-term changes you plan to make in your life because most people buy a […]

19 February

How to Backup a Windows Server

Backing up a server is an important part in keeping your data secure and intact. Whenever a situation occurs that your server experiences a hard crash, format, hacker attack or failure, it is important to have your data backed up before those situations occur. Backing up your data before something happens that could potentially make […]

07 February

Web Developer

Types Of Website That Are Popular Among Users

On the Internet, there are many kinds of websites that people can browse whether to find information or just for fun. There are countless amounts of websites that are available on the Internet for people to browse and each website has its own purpose or identity. Either way, these websites are really bringing many benefits […]