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Types of Water Activities You Can Do In Malaysia

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who enjoys adventurous water activities, there are many places you could go visit and have fun. This is because Malaysia is a country blessed with many spots like Pulau Tioman, Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Sipadan, and many more islands that will allow you to not only enjoy your favourite water sports, but also its beautiful view. 

best diving courses in malaysia

One of the most popular water sports/activities you can do in Malaysia is scuba diving. It is an amazing experience to explore below the surface of the water to discover marine life such as anemones, clown fishes, bubble corals, big clams and many more. You can enjoy scuba diving in awesome scuba diving spots known for their biodiversity for almost most of the days throughout the year, depending on the season of the location. If you have never tried it before, in order to have the full experience of scuba diving, it is recommended that you take the best diving courses in malaysia from professionals who will guide you step by step.

The next water activity you can enjoy in Malaysia is parasailing. It may not be a typical water sport that you see everywhere, but many folks still enjoy this activity because it is really fun! It is an exhilarating experience where you will be attached to a parachute while being attached to a boat that will allow you to “fly” above the surface of the waters.

If you wish to experience one of the most popular water sports currently, you should not miss out the chance to try wakeboarding. This thrilling activity that was originally from Australia is perfect for the pristine beaches in Malaysia. This water sport will virtually awaken your senses by allowing your adrenaline to kick in whilst you are riding on a wakeboard that is tied to a motorboat. Professional wakeboarders would even attempt aerial maneuvers while riding the waves.

People who love riding the waves would definitely not pass up the chance to surf. However, there is a misconception that Malaysia has never really been considered as a venue for surfing. Truth is, many people from around the world that came to Malaysia for vacation had experience surfing here. The east coast of Peninsular Malaysia offers the perfect places for surfing due to the strong waves of the sea. When it is not monsoon season, surfing enthusiasts travel to the region to participate in surfing competitions.  

best diving courses in malaysia

Speaking of riding the waves, jet skiing is definitely another fun water activity you can do in Malaysia. You can speed along the waves while enjoying the breeze. Although similar to riding a bike that goes 90km/h, you have an ocean instead of roads to ride on while you’re jet skiing.

As for people who don’t really enjoy the crazy, adrenaline rush from all of the water activities mentioned above, don’t worry! Kayaking is also very popular in Malaysia. This particular water sport is definitely more slow-paced, but you can still have fun and put all of your energy to use as you need to row or paddle in order to move.